Aplex Series

In 1996, Aplex products were added to the Myers industrial line. The Aplex product line dates back to the 1960’s oilfield pump industry. The Aplex pump line has since grown to be one of the most highly recognized and accepted pumps offered in a variety of industries. Our pumps are utilized in, but not limited to, the oil & gas, directional drilling, sewer cleaning, water treatment, steel mills, and other industrial markets requiring a pumps that stand up to demanding and hostile applications.

The Aplex pump has a myriad of features that sets it apart from its competitors. These are mostly centered around ease of maintenance and “user friendly” designs. A wide range of optional configurations are used on each application to tailor fit each customers needs to furnish a pump for long-term dependable performance for years to come. Each pump is also available with a variety of options including integral hydraulic drives, base mountings and a wide selection of auxiliary equipment to address each unique installation.

Aplex builds the most reliable medium and heavy-duty reciprocating pumps in the world. We produce products that outwear others in both domestic and international markets. In addition, we deliver service and technical support that outshine the competition worldwide.