Aurora Pump Announces New Industrial Product with ASME/ANSI B73.1 3500 Series

April 4, 2011
North Aurora, IL – April 2011 – Industrial customers have new reason to look to Aurora Pump for their industrial pumping needs. Aurora’s recently launched ANSI 3500 Series pumps produce peak performance even in the toughest industrial applications whether in the chemical, petro-chemical, mining, pulp and paper, food processing or general industry.
Industrial customer can choose between two models: the 3550 and the 3560. The ASME/ANSI B73.1 Model 3550 boasts capacities up to 4,200 G.P.M. and heads to 725 feet while performing in temperatures up to 343° C and pressures to 375 PSIG. The 3550 comes in three sizes of 3550-S, 3550-M/L and 3550-XL. These models were developed with standard features that withstand the most difficult applications and maximize the mean-time-between-failures (MTBF). The heavy duty casing increases reliability, reduces maintenance effort and allows for maximum life from the ANSI pump. Heavy duty bearings on the 3550 were designed for maximum hydraulic loads with optional duplex (40°/40° angular contact) thrust bearings. Features that help prolong bearing life include an oversized shaft to reduce vibrations, labyrinth oil seals to prevent external contaminants, large capacity oil sump for cooler oil temperatures and better heat transfer and a magnetic drain plug to remove particles. The fully open impeller is designed for the toughest applications including solids handling, stringy materials, abrasives and corrosives. The 3550 has a broad range of engineered options and upgrades that will support a variety of process requirements and meet most any fluid processing application. Electric   motors (ODP/TEFC/XP) with variable frequency drives, oil temperature control with a bearing frame cooling coil and seal flush/cooling plans are additional options. Customers can also add features such as baseplates, couplings and guards and process temperature control.
The ASME/ANSI B73.1 3560 Model boasts of capacities up to 7,000 G.P.M. and heads to 725 feet while withstanding temperatures of 343° C and pressures to 375 PSIG. The pumps are available in groups 1, 2 and 3 with standard features required to withstand the most difficult applications and maximize the mean-time-between-failures (MTBF). Standard features include lip type oil seals, an oversized shaft, heavy duty bearings and casing for extended pump life, external impeller adjustment, large capacity oil sump, lubrication flexibility (oil flooded, oil mist or greased), a large sight glass for oil monitoring and a magnetic drain plug to remove particles. You can also choose a fully open impeller for tough applications or an enclosed impeller for enhanced performance. Positive sealing provides ease of maintenance and increased safety, and the engineered chambers in standard bore, large bore and taper bore are designed to create the optimum seal environment. Sealing options are available to accommodate most any fluid and temperature combination.  
If you are considering an ANSI pump, make sure to look at Aurora’s new ASME/ANSI B73.1 3500 Series. For more information and brochures, go to and click on the industrial market link.
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