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Model 20

Edwards Series Model 20 Rotary Gear Pump

The Edwards Series Pump is a positive-displacement pump built specifically to address the demanding requirements of foam concentrate and water mist stationary and mobile fire protection systems.
Key Features
  • UL Listed/FM Approved or non-listed pumps for fire-fighting applications
  • Electric motor, diesel engine, or PTO drive
  • Handle a wide variety of foam concentrates
  • Bronze construction
  • Robust shaft material and construction
  • Non-contacting rotors allow pump to run dry
  • Replaceable casing liners
  • Self-priming
Technical Data    


Flow Range:  5-35 GPM

Discharge Pressure:  0-300 PSI

Continuous Max RPM:  1800

Intermittent Max RPM:  3300

Ports:  11/2" x 11/2" NPT (male)


General Foam Pump Sizing Guides (130 KB .pdf file)
Viscosity Conversion Chart (100 KB .pdf file)

Foam Start-up Procedure -Main Pump & Jockey Pump (246 KB .pdf file)

Pump Technical Information
Noise Levels (95 KB .pdf file)
Vibration Levels (95 KB .pdf file)